Someday i'll fly, someday i'll soar; someday i'll be so damn much more: 'cause i'm bigger than my body gives me credit for.

Monday, June 23, 2008

*adjustments et. al.

i'm now adjusting to a lot of changes lately.

of course, who doesn't? everybody has to, everybody does.. this time, i think i'm the one with the biggest adjustment issues. new uniform, new environment, new people. lots of people think that it's hard. well, it sure is. but the thing is, if you just have this person (or thing, rather) that'll help you with your insanity fits.. everything's gonna be alright.

change nikki, change.. evolve nikki, evolve.

i sure will.

omg, it's like just a few months 'til our 2nd anniversary.♥

love the world.♥

Monday, May 19, 2008

thought tidbits

this summer has been the busiest, although still wasn't able to fulfill the dumb-beach-summer, i did get to burn a lot of calories. (uh, is anybody reading this? haha :p) as in a LOT. hahaha. :p

frustrating that the blog code is still mussed up. pffft.

i've realized that i've made mistakes, i mean lots of them; and yet there are those people whom i may ave thought to be those to help me with issues.. unfortunately, they were made of problems themselves. thing is, there is the underlying fact that you just have to make mistakes (well, not always.. duh)in order to learn from them and next time get to avoid things like those.

hahaha.. i can be such a loser sometimes. :P thing is, there are more losers out there!

i love rob. i mean, like everybody knows that, but y'know, it hasn't been like this since i-don't-remember-days. he gives me substance. he keeps me grounded. and contemplates my existence by just being there.. being the rob i love.

i'm transferring!!!

love the world.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

*never find a love like this*

surely, nobody won't. :D

summer lahveeng, anyone?

*tagal naman xc muwi. :(*


Thursday, March 27, 2008


another summer's day.
another boring, hot day.
can i last another day?

of course.
last night was hot.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

wow, summer's nearing. i can just feel it.ü

when i get out of the house, i can just smell the narra trees in bloom. although the trees are obviously a street away from ours, its there.

summer sun has never been this bright and warm since the i-don't-recall-days, and summer nights are just to die for. ü

i am constantly making changes, alterations in my life that i never thought were possible. maybe it's part of life. and maybe it isn't. but someday i'll know why i had to.

it's natural to miss people, now isn't it? but you can't mope in missing all the time. although keeping yourself preoccupied is the best therapy for it. so far, i am happy with what life has for me.ü

i'm itching for a job once again. but call centers aren't an option as for now. argh. ;(

but anyways, that won't keep me from being myself.ü

love the world.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

yeeeh. :D

sooner or later, i'll be getting my sanity back.

who am i, nikki in progress?

perhaps. :D

sometimes, we get to make risks that we can never be too sure if it were right or wrong, but at least, whatever comes out of it, we should learn from them. basically, i did.. and this time, with a little cleaning up (which is also in progress), i'll pull through. :)

oh, look.. i'm blogging again! whee!

love the world.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


i'll miss being a cream puff..

just yesterday, i bought myself a pack of those chocolate lovers' choco chip cookies..i loved them, but couldn't down them all with just one c2. later, they tasted rather funny.. suddenly, i didn't like them, just like that. love's like that.. sometimes you want the best of it,then when you have it, you just lose interest. it's not that you get tired of it, just a hiatus from it. but doesn't mean that you don't want it anymore.

i hate it when i'm being rushed.. pfft... women's day, schwomen's day.. arrrgh!

i love brandon boyd. PURIBER. :p

i'm half-sane, half-depressed.oh gawd. medicine isn't enough. i lost my afternoon agenda just by being stupid. i dunno if i'll ever get it back. :(

i wish i could really turn back time.